04/2021 "Sneature" receives Green Concept Award

04/2021 Guest Speaker "The Mycelium Project"

Guest Speaker at Mycelium Workshop One "Forms and Forces" organised by AIANY Custom Residential Architects Network.

AIA New York/ Center for Architecture


April 14th 2021, 6pm - 7:30pm GMT-4

Sneature was awarded the "Green Concept Award Editor's Choice". Many thanks for this prestigious award and the great organization of the competition and the award ceremony.


April 14th 17 -19.00pm CET

(Digital Award Ceremony)

02/2021 "Material Groove" Podcast Episode 27 DDCAST (Deutscher Designer Club)

In this interview with Prof. Georg Bertsch, the innovative use of traditional materials in product design is discussed. With a special focus on the final project "Sneature", which was realized at the Institute for Material Design of the HfG Offenbach.

Image: Mycelium Ziggurat Structural Assemby. Design by Omid Oliyan, Silman.

04/2021 "Sneature" in SZ Magazin 17/2021

Heft 17, 29.04.2021 "Ein Frage der Haltung"

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, S.32


04/2021 Article "Naturmaterialien Neu Denken"

"Naturmaterialien Neu Denken" - Author: Martina Metzner

ndion / Rat für Formgebung



02/2021 "Sneature" published on dezeen

"Sneature is a compostable trainer made from 3D-knitted dog hair" article

written by Jennifer Hahn

published on dezeen




04/2021 Exhibiton "Kunst trifft Technik"

Porzellanikon Selb extended until October 3rd 2021

The exhibition "Kunst trifft Technik - Keramik aus dem 3D-Drucker" is extended until October 3rd.

The ceramic series "Floating Ceramics" realised with Andreas Grimm will be on display at Porzellanikon, Selb, Germany.

Manufactured by WZR Ceramic Solutions



5/2021 Make Me Lodsz Design Festival

Make Me! 2021 Łódź Design Festival, Poland

Exhibition 14.-23.05.2021

Image: Łódź Design Festival



06/2021 Uncover Formschau Mannheim

"Die UNCOVER Design Awards zeichnen Arbeiten aus, die sich mit dem Thema DEKADENZ auseinandersetzen - Prozesse, Projekte oder Produkte, die das Potenzial haben, einem gesellschaftlichen Verfall entgegen zu wirken."

"Sneature" was awarded UNCOVER Critics Choice Award together with Studio Jonathan Radetz.

11.06.-03.07.2021 Exhibition Mannheim, Germany



06/2021 Article on Lampoon

"Dog hair spun into yarn and pre-repaired sneakers: what's next?"

17.06.2021, Author: Caitlin Black



07/2021 "Sneature" in Kreativwirtschaft Hessen

07/2021 Hessen Design Competition Winner 2021

This year four young designers were awarded with the HDC Award.

I am happy to be among the winners together with talented: Patricia Huss, Abdallah Mohamed, Florian Bremer.  



07/2021 Winner Distributed Design Awards 2021

"Sneature" was awarded with the Distributed Design Award "Responsible Design".

Criteria: "Design that engages circular design principles such as responsible materials. It draws on the capacity of local materials and or knowledge, including craft or specialist processes."



09/2021 Award Ceremony Hessen Design 2021

Award ceremony of the "Hessen Design Competition 2020/2021

03.09.2021, 17:00

Designhaus Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt