Urban Farming

Together with Lufthansa Cargo, we had the opportunity to upcycle transport containers. Our idea was to build an urban farm from the discarded cargo container.

"The idea is based on the concept of aquaponics," explains Emilie Burfeind. "It's a closed loop that combines aquaculture and hydroponics." The model of the farm consists of two floors. The upper one is symbolically draped with moss. In the lower one small paper fish are hanging on strings. What man does not need for food is recycled.

supervised by Prof. Dipl. Phys. Werner Lorke, Frederic Kreutzer,

IRED, Institute for Recycling, Ecology and Design

in cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo

University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main

Small animals such as fish and chickens feed on the dead useful plants. Their excrement in turn serves as a nutrient for the new seed. Is this the future of agriculture? "The trend is clearly toward self-sufficiency," Burfeind is convinced. "Mountains of garbage, population growth, dwindling resources - we need solutions that will offset this." She sees an opportunity in the urban farm, with which people can provide for themselves self-sufficiently - regardless of whether they live in the countryside in Africa or in the middle of Tokyo.