Sneature is a holistic design concept for a sustainable sneaker. The design integrates the use of biological waste materials with generative manufacturing processes with the lowest possible energy input.

The shoe consists of a 3D knitted upper from Chiengora (by Modus Intarsia), transition area made of natural rubber and a sole made of mushroom mycelium.

supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach

Institute for Materialdesign IMD, 2020

University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main

in Cooperation with Modus Intarsia

The design integrates both functional requirements of a trainer and individual customization by the user. The integration of the 3D knitting technology enables both individualization and on-demand production. Thus, the product concept can be implemented locally in the form of micro- factories.

After use, Sneature can be disassembled, repaired or returned to the natural material cycle via composting.

The material used for Sneature's 3D-knit is a wool made from combed dog hair. The company "Modus Intarsia" developed over the last years a method to collect the waste material and turn it into a high quality yarn that can be processed on industrial knitting machines.

Many thanks for the support:

Modus Intarsia

Hessen Ideen

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Smart Fiber AG




Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in collaboration with GUCCI

Winner Design For Social Good

German Design Graduates 2021

GDG Exhibition, Einundzwanzig Greencard, Roundtable KG Dresden

Distributed Design Awards

Winner Responsible Design

Hessen Design Competition

AED Neuland Auszeichnung Anerkennung

UNCOVER Critic's Choice Award

Green Concept Award Editor's Choice


11/2021 - 02/2022

Fashion For Good Museum, Amsterdam

in collaboration with Knitwearlab

10/2021 Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

in collaboration with Green Future Club

09/2021 German Design Graduates Exhibition

Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

06/2021 UNCOVER Design Festival, Mannheim

05/2021 Lodsz Design Festival, Lodsz, Poland