The project "Glas_Hybrids" deals with the reaction of glass and ceramics with other materials.

As a derivation for the final object, a series of experiments was carried out to create a wide-ranging collection of materials. This should serve to record a material with a certain firing curve as well as the combination of the material with another and the same firing curve. By the systematic combination of the different materials the "hybrids" could be recorded.

supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach, Thomas Kohl

Institute for Materialdesign IMD, 2018

IKKG Höhr-Grenzhausen

University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main

It was particularly exciting to investigate the reactions of glass and metal, both individually and with ceramics as the carrier material.

The digitally designed free form of the object series is based on compressive and tensile forces of flexible spheres.

The re-calculation of the surfaces creates an organic-looking form, which at the same time is a reference to the aggregate states of the hybrid occurring in the process.

The final objects were made of both glass and ceramic with a selected combination of materials from previous studies. The result was a hybrid of ceramic, iron powder and glass, which forms a crystal-like structure.